Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blessings From Above

Dear Vytas,

Yesterday I shared your Reece's Rainbow page on a Facebook group, and wrote "Is today the day for Vytas?" or something along those lines.  Someone commented and told me to look at your adoption grant amount,  So I went and did that.  Only to discover you had over $10,000 in your grant!!
This is one big blessing for you sweet boy!  You are so loved right now by so many that want only the best for you!  This will help your future family out SO much!  
I was near tears yesterday at just that but little did I know that the next couple hours of the day I would be surprised with two people writing me and my best friend, Alyssa telling us they were interested in looking into adopting you.  I was overwhelmed with joy just by the thought!
Me along with many many more are praying hard that if it's the Lord's will, you're forever family will be coming for you soon!   I can't even begin to express my excitement about it in words!   I'm staying faithful in the Lord and trusting He's got this already all planned out for you.

Hang in there baby!  Prayers are being answered and blessings are coming from everywhere to you!

Your time is soon...
             Love you forever and always,

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